Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul offers visitors access to one of the largest ocean tanks in the world. Don't miss the breathtaking views from the sea below in our 83-meter-long ocean tunnel. Explore the largest collection of sharks in Europe at the Shark Kingdom, which is one of the main attractions of the aquarium. Admire the gorgeous swimming of many different sharks, including the Bowmouth, Bonnethead, Grey Reef Shark, Zebra, Sand Tiger Shark, and many more. The Sea Life Aquarium in Istanbul, included with the Istanbul Tourist Pass, features sharks, turtles, whales, piranhas, and sharks.

At Sea Life Aquarium, there is a lot to see, learn, and do. In the interactive rock pools, you may even touch starfish and crabs. You'll experience what it's like to be underwater when you walk through the long underwater Ocean Tunnel of Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul and get to admire the massive Sea Bed display. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, It is quite simple to visit Sea Life Aquarium, all you need to do is show the ticket counter your digital Pass and enjoy the exciting life of aquatic animals from up close.

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Sea Life Aquarium Highlights

Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul
  • Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul will help you discover the underwater world.
  • Get to know thousands of species and discover more about them.
  • If you want additional experience, you can go shark diving.
  • From the Black Sea to the Pacific, 17 original themes will astound you!
  • Enjoy Istanbul's Amazon Forest experience, where you can witness some exotic aquatic animals and plants, which are found in the lush greenery of Amazon jungles.
  • Istanbul Tourist Pass offers free visits.

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Creatures at Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul
Seahorses and Pipefish

From the tiniest, measuring just 2.5 cm, to the largest, the Big Bellied Seahorse, which is around 12 times this size, there are almost 50 different species of seahorses. To boost the overall number of young seahorses, the male seahorse cares for the brood of infants in his pouch so that the female can immediately begin to lay a new batch of eggs.

Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

The Caretta Caretta Sea Turtle is an omnivore that mostly consumes crustaceans that live on the ocean floor. Their strong, broad jaws are an efficient tool for tearing apart prey. Currently, existing sea turtles come in eight different species. Two of these, the Caretta Caretta and Chelonia Mydas, who use Turkey's beaches for breeding, and other five species live in the Mediterranean.

Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

Although they might not be everyone’s preferred sea species, these strangely attractive stingers are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating. They appear strange and attractive in the water. Jellyfish don't like to touch hard objects, so their cylindrical tanks have water that is continually circulating inside of them. Most jellyfish are safe to touch, but be careful as some of them are very dangerous and deadly to encounter.

Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

While many people think rays seem strange with their mouths underneath and eyes on top, rays are among the most attractive creatures. Most of their time is spent either waiting for prey to swim past or resting partially submerged on the ocean floor to avoid predators like sharks. Stingrays, Electric Rays, Saw Fish, Eagle Rays, and Butterfly Rays are a few ray species that one can encounter here.

Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

Since octopuses are mollusks, they belong to the same phylum (or family) as cuttlefish, squid, slugs, and snails, and are renowned for having excellent intelligence. These crafty predators are difficult to avoid since they can fit into confined spaces to find their prey, to blend in perfectly with their environment, and both sneak up on prey and hide from predators.

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One of the few ocean animals that can live inside a sea anemone's poisonous tentacle is a clownfish. They prefer to stay in sea anemones where they are safe from scavengers and may eat the leftover food the anemones catch. All clownfish are born male because of their vibrant clown-like coloring, and the biggest male will change sex when the females pass away.

Plan Your Visit to Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

Opening Hours
Location & Transport
Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul

Every day, it is open from 10 AM to 7 PM, with the final entry at 6 PM.

Feeding Hours-* Interactive Rock Pool-You can feed daily throughout the day

  • Ray Feed-You can feed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 2.00 PM.
  • Shark Feed-You can feed on Tuesday and Saturday from 3.30 PM.

Know Before You Go to Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul
  • Wheelchair-accessible parking and restrooms are available at the Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul and the mall. The aquarium is completely accessible to buggies.
  • Sea Life Aquarium doesn't have many dining options, but the Forum Istanbul mall next door has more than 50 places to drink and eat.
  • Located in Forum Istanbul is the Legoland Discovery Centre. If you want access to more than 30 attractions, buy combo tickets or the Istanbul Tourist Pass.
  • All across Sea Life Aquarium, there is free WiFi.
  • Under-14 visitors must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age.
  • With restrooms, a soft play area, and other amenities, the aquarium is designed with families in mind.
  • The Sea Life Aquarium Istanbul allows the use of guide dogs.
  • The centre includes restrooms and baby changing areas.

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When is Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium open?

    Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium is open Sun-Sat from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

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