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Visit Grand Bazaar, the oldest and largest covered market in the entire world, tucked right in the heart of Istanbul. It is one place that attracts thousands of shoppers as well as visitors from all over the world every single day, and sprawls across an expanse of almost 30,700 square metres. Home to more than 4000 shops spread across its 62 covered lanes, you can Explore Grand Bazaar and get your hands on a wide array of things.

From apparels, clothes and accessories, to home décor, souvenirs, edible items, local produce as well as things specific to the rich Turkish cuisine and culture, you can get them all at the Grand Bazaar. An interesting fact about the Grand Bazaar is that it is regarded as one of the first shopping malls in the world, and used to serve as a flourishing hub of the trade and commerce of the entire world.

Famous things to buy from Grand Bazaar

Carpets & Kilims
Carpets & Kilims

One of the best Things to do in the grand bazaar is to shop for carpets and kilims here. Turkey is known for its hand-loomed carpets and flat weaves called kilims, and the Grand Bazaar is definitely the best place to buy them. It is here where you can find a wide range of carpets and kilims from different regions of Turkey, all of which have their distinct style and designs. Some of the top places to buy carpet or kilims in Grand Bazaar are Takkeciler Sokak and the Zincirli Han.

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Lamps & Lanterns

Visit Grand Bazaar and get your hands on a wide range of beautiful lamps and lanterns here. At Grand Bazaar, you can find an extensive selection of lamps and lanterns of different styles and designs, from traditional ones to modern designs with mosaic glass, metal filigree chandeliers as well as ceiling lamp shades. Whether it is antique lamps that you are in search of, or something more modern, you can head to the Old Bazaar or Iç Bedesten, which is known to be the oldest building here. You can also visit Cebeci Han for modern filigree lamps and lanterns.

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You can also Explore Grand Bazaar for different types of ceramics, of which the country has a rich history and heritage. Some of the most common types of ceramics that you can find in the Grand Bazaar are the traditional Ottoman designs, along with tulip motifs and floral patterns. You can also choose Hittite style jugs and carafes which are known for the Anatolian designs from the Bronze Ages. Additionally, you might also come across a lot of hand painted ceramic ware along the main streets of the Grand Bazaar.

Turkish Metalware
Turkish Metalware

Amongst the top Things to do in grand bazaar is to shop for Turkish metalware, which is typically produced in the south-eastern regions of the country. You can also find a lot of metalware from Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa and Mardin at the Grand Bazaar. A lot of these predominantly include engraved metal platters, tea and coffee serving sets, as well as engraved Turkish coffee pots, all of which have traditional Ottoman pattern designs.


When you Visit Grand Bazaar, you must also check out the Turkish Nargile or water pipes, which are typically made for smoking fruit flavoured tobacco, or hookah. It is also considered to be one of the most popular souvenir items to use for yourself or even for gifting purposes. Nargile bowls usually hold the water which filters the smoke and are made of glass or ceramic. You can also purchase just the bowls instead of the fully working Nargile when you are at Grand Bazaar.

jewellery grand bazaar

One of the best things to buy when you Explore Grand Bazaar is jewellery. Doubling up as a one stop destination to shop for traditional gold, or silver filigree or even semi-precious stone jewellery, Grand Bazaar has a lot of shops, especially on the main street of Kalpakçılarbaşı Caddesi where you can marvel at and even get your hands on different pieces of jewellery. Some of the most popular types that you can find here include sets with semi-precious stones like blue chalcedony and sultanite.

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Cushions, Pillows & Other Small Textiles

Shopping for cushions, pillows and various other smaller textiles is one of the top Things to do in Grand bazaar. The Bazaar is home to a myriad of shops which specialise in small textile items, such as authentic Turkish style homeware, ceramics, cushion covers and more. All of these boast of the traditional ottoman designs, and are nothing short of immensely beautiful. You can also get your hands on items made of original suzani fabrics or old kilims here.

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Hammam Accessories

When you Visit Grand Bazaar, don’t forget to buy some authentic Hammam accessories to take back home with you. Considered to be the most popular Turkish souvenirs, hammam accessories, or things used for the traditional Turkish bath are available in plenty at the Grand Bazaar, and have a rich history associated with them. Some of the things that you must buy include the cotton peştemals, or fringed towels, along with bathrobes, handmade olive oil soaps, and exfoliating scrubbing mitts.

Fashion Accessories
Fashion Accessories

You must not miss out on trying out, or buying fashion accessories when you are in Grand Bazaar. Whether it is scarves, slippers, hats, bags, or even traditional silk and leather products, felt items, and more, you can find them all at great prices at the Grand Bazaar. Some of the shops also sell high quality handmade silk, cashmere as well as cotton shawls and scarves. You can also find shops exclusively specialising in pure leather products.

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What is the Grand Bazaar famous for?

    The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is famous for being the oldest and the largest covered market in the whole world. It is home to more than 4000 shops and has 60 lanes that you can explore, whilst also soaking in the rich Turkish culture, learn about the region’s history and try some delicious Turkish tea.

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