Beaches in Istanbul

Beaches in Istanbul

Kilyos Beach

One of the Best beaches in Istanbul is the Kilyos Beach, located in the quaint hamlet of Kilyos, along the shores of the Black Sea. Situated around 41 kilometres towards the north of the centre of the city, this beach is perfect for a relaxing day out or even a weekend retreat with your friends and family. Boasting of yellow sands and calm waters of the sea, the Kilyos Beach also has a lot of cafes and restaurants where you can dine and enjoy delicious local delicacies, along with small guesthouses and hotels.

Burç Beach

Amongst the most popular Beaches in Istanbul is the Burç Beach, located 42 kilometres to the north from the centre of the city. This is a private beach club, which is predominantly known for its kite surfing activity and well-maintained yellow sands. The Burç Beach is also the perfect place to enjoy different water sports, from swimming, to sunbathing, and more. The ambience here is very peaceful and chilled out, and you can also enjoy exploring the different cafes and restaurants here, or unwind at the fully equipped terrace areas.

Burgaz Adası

Also known as Burgaz Island, Burgaz Adası is tucked amidst the serene Kinali and Heybeli Islands in the Princes Islands groups in the Marmara Sea. It is the second island where the ferry stops where you are on the ferry route towards the Princes Islands. Burgaz Adası is also home to many small beaches, which are scattered on the coast here.

Exuding laid-back vibes and a tranquil ambience, the beaches of Burgaz Adası are also amongst the best to enjoy the sun and sea. Two of the famous beaches here include the Burgaz Halk beach, located on the eastern shore of the island, and the Madam Marta Cove, situated near the north-western point of the island. These are both shingle beaches, complete with sun loungers, umbrellas and other modern amenities.

Ağva & Kilimli Cove

Amongst the best Beaches in Istanbul, is the Ağva and Kilimli Cove. The former lies 106 kilometres to the northeast of Istanbul, along the Black Sea, and is popular amongst nature lovers and hikers, as well as those who like to spend time relaxing near the sea. The Kilimli Cove, on the other hand, is known for its dramatic coastal scenery, with a quaint town in its backdrop. You can find several small boutique hotels and guesthouses here, especially if you are here for the weekend, along with cafes and restaurants. Since there are stronger waves and tides here, swimming in this beach is rather difficult. However, you can surely enjoy camping, hiking and even local sightseeing here.

Büyük Ada

Ranking as one of the Best beaches in Istanbul is Büyük Ada, or Büyük Island, which is also the largest of all the Princes Islands and is a sandy strip of land along the shores of the Marmara Sea. Home to many beaches, this island is also the last stop on the Princes Islands ferry route. One of the most popular beaches in this island is the Nakıbey beach, a rather narrow strip of yellow sand, which boasts of a large sunbathing area, along with sun loungers, shades with umbrellas and a restaurant. The waters here are shallow, making this beach suitable for swimming.

Caddebostan Beach

Located right on the shores of the Marmara Sea, on the Asian coast of Istanbul is the Caddebostan Beach, known as one of the most popular beaches here. Surrounded by the shore fronts of the Dalyan Park, and home to several walking and cycling trails, this beach also has grey sands, and is complete with sundecks and loungers, onsite cafes and other amenities. This beach is also a popular place to enjoy the local holiday vibes, as you can hear Turkish pop music at all times here. You can also enjoy swimming here, since the water level on this beach is shallow.

Heybeli Ada

HeybeliAda, or Heybeli Island, situated in the Marmara Sea, is amongst the Best beaches in Istanbul. Ranked as the most popular of all the Princes Islands, especially for a day trip, this place is known for its tiny coves, small beaches and grey patches of sand. A perfect place to enjoy sunbathing, the beaches on HeybeliAda, such as the Ada Beach, also boast of wooden platforms made just for sunbathing and relaxing by the seaside. HeybeliAda is the third stop on the ferry route to the Princes Islands.

Çilingöz Nature Park Beach

Amongst the top Beaches in Istanbul is the Çilingöz Nature Park Beach. Known for its white sands, and forested coastlines, with the pristine Black Sea in the front, this beach is an actual sand beach in the region, located 118 kilometres to the northwest of Istanbul. While the Çilingöz Nature Park Beach does not have a wide array of amenities to enjoy, it is perfect for those who wish to simply enjoy some time in the lap of nature. You can find a couple of cafes and washroom facilities here, but it is always best to bring your own supplies. The Çilingöz Nature Park Beach is also perfect to enjoy overnight camping, stargazing and exploring walking trails.


Kınalı Ada or Kınalı Island is located at the extreme north of the Princes Islands group in the Marmara Sea. It is also the first stop on the Princes Islands ferry route. In addition to being rather small and unexplored, the beaches on this island also exude a very serene, peaceful and tranquil ambience, and are scattered on the eastern as well as the western shores of Kınalı Ada. Some of the popular beaches here include the Onur Beach on the eastern shore, the Teos Beach in the south, the Kınalı Halk beach on the western coast.

Anadolu Feneri Beach

One of the most unexplored and quaint Beaches in Istanbul is the Anadolu Feneri Beach, located on the Asian shore of the city, at the northern end of the Bosphorus strait, before it meets the Black Sea. The beach is long and narrow, and is predominantly made of shingles and smaller rocks, and has a stony offshore. There are cliff paths here, which lead to several cafes and seafood restaurants, along with terraced areas where you can sit, relax, enjoy a meal and soak in the stunning coastal views.


Located 40 kilometres towards the west of the city, on the European shore, along the coast of the Marmara Sea is one of the most famous Beaches in Istanbul, the Büyükçekmeçe. This is a yellow sand beach, which is quite popular amongst families and those visiting in large groups. In addition to a plethora of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy some refreshments, the Büyükçekmeçe also has many shady places where you can sunbathe and relax. The beach is also good to enjoy boat trips, swimming, bike riding and more.

Florya Güneş Beach

The Florya Güneş Beach is located alongside the Marmara Sea, in the western regions of the city of Istanbul, around 20 kilometres west to its centre. This beach has a wide array of facilities available for use, from sun loungers and sundecks, to lifeguard facilities, restrooms, as well as onsite cafes and restaurants. It is also quite easily accessible, and is a popular spot to enjoy swimming, and other beach sports and activities.

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What are the best beaches in Istanbul?

Some of the best Beaches in Istanbul include the Florya Beach, the Kilyos Beach, Caddebostan Beach, Burç Beach, the True Blue Beach, Dalia Beach, the Golden Beach Club and the Solar Beach, among others.

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Are there beaches in Istanbul?

Yes, there are many Beaches in Istanbul. Surrounded by the Marmara as well as the Black Seas, and linked to several smaller islands by the Bosphorus Strait, you can find several sandy as well as pebble beaches on both of the coastlines of this city. In addition to public beaches like the Florya Beach, you can also find many private beaches in Istanbul as well.

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Is there a beach to swim in Istanbul?

Yes, there are quite a few Beaches in Istanbul where you can enjoy taking a dip. Some of these beaches include the Florya Güneş Beach, Solar Beach and Uzunya Beach.

What is the best beach near Istanbul?

Some of the best beaches located near the city of Istanbul are the Blue Lagoon beach, Cleopatra’s Beach, Patara Beach and the Iztuzu Beach.

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Does Istanbul have nice beaches?

Yes, Istanbul definitely has many nice beaches, where you can spend the day with your near and dear ones, enjoy gorging on delicious local food and drinks, or even indulge in a myriad of water sports and activities.

Are there sandy beaches in Istanbul?

Since the city is surrounded by the Black and Marara Seas, and the Bosphorus Strait, you can find a wide array of sandy Beaches in Istanbul. Some of the most popular sandy beaches in the city of Istanbul are the Kilyos Beach, Caddebostan Beach, Büyük Ada and more.

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