Places to visit in Istanbul at Night

Places to Go in Istanbul at Night

Bosphorus Cruise with Dinner

One of the best Places to Go in Istanbul at Night is the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise. Indulge in a dinner cruise along the waters of the Bosphorus Strait for four hours, and catch sights of the illuminated mosques, churches, landmarks as well as the Bosphorus Bridge. While enjoying the cruise with your near and dear ones, you can also tuck in to a delicious 3-course dinner and drinks, as you cruise in the middle of Europe and Asia.

Dancing Fountain at Sultanahmet

One of the major attractions to see in Istanbul at night is the Dancing Fountain at Sultanahmet Park, tucked between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. After sundown every day, this fountain gets illuminated with hundreds of vibrant coloured lights, and offers you a chance to soak in its colour changing waters. Surrounded by flower beds and palm trees, with the ambience full of vigour, it is a place where you can easily spend some time simply relaxing and unwinding.

Hamami Turkish Bath

Amongst the top Places to visit in Istanbul at Night, the Hamami Turkish Bath surely ranks at the top, especially if you wish to end your day in the city on a rather relaxing note. Spending some time and experiencing the Turkish bath or Hamam is one of the best ways to experience Istanbul. Hammams in Istanbul date back to around the 14th century and offer a wide range of treatments, from face mask and oil massage, to foam baths as well as a scrub, thereby pampering you after a day of tiring sightseeing.

Explore Arnavutkoy Nightlife

If you are in search of places in Istanbul where you can enjoy the nightlife during the weekend, then the Arnavutköy neighbourhood should be the place of your choice. Ranked as one of the most exciting places for a vibrant nightlife, this neighbourhood is home to many cocktail bars and pubs, all of which have groovy music and non-stop parties that you can enjoy. You can also head over to one of the many seafood restaurants here and indulge in a lip-smacking fish delicacy.

Sortie Club

One of the best clubs in Istanbul that you must visit at night is the Sortie Club, where you can party the night away during your trip to this Turkish city. Known to be amongst the finest places in the city, the Sortie Club is also quite popular amongst both locals as well as tourists, and boasts of a tranquil ambience, good food and music, as well as spectacular views of the surrounding landmarks. The Sortie Club is also known for its local wines, which go really well with their range of international delicacies.

Go to a Whirling Dervish Show

For a one-of-a-kind experience in Istanbul, especially at night, you must head over to enjoy a whirling dervish show here. Known to offer a rather spiritual experience, this show is a transcendental Mevlevi order ritual that takes place in one of the historical venues in the city, and has gained a lot of fame in recent years. The roots of the show lie with Sufism as well. To watch a dervish show in its true glory and splendour, you can visit the Hodjapasha Cultural Center at night and soak in the spectacular display.

Ortakoy Mosque

The Ortakoy Mosque is surely one of the best Places to Go in Istanbul at Night. With the mosque lit up in brilliant colours, showcasing its traditional baroque style of architecture, and the Bosphorus Bridge in its backdrop, the Ortakoy Mosque is a sight for sore eyes every evening. It is also considered to be one of the most Insta-worthy spots in Istanbul at night. In addition to enjoying admiration of the Mosque and its structure, don’t forget to click unique photographs of this iconic landmark.

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Smoke a Bit of Shisha

Smoking some authentic Turkish shisha is one of the top things to do in Istanbul at night. Slowly becoming quite popular with locals and tourists alike, shisha smoking and soaking in the beautiful Istanbul skyline and the Bosphorus strait is one of the most common things to do here after sundown, especially if you want to spend some time with your near and dear ones. Whether it is the alleys near the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar, or the posh locales of the city’s mosques and pubs, or even shisha bars, you can easily pull a hookah and rest your mind, body and soul here.

Bosphorus Bridge

One of the top Places to visit in Istanbul at Night is the Bosphorus Bridge. Located between Asia and Europe, it is one of the longest suspension bridges in the region, and is built over the Bosphorus Strait. At night, the bridge becomes a photographer’s paradise, as it gets fully illuminated with hundreds of LED lights. And you can catch these sights from the nearby attractions and landmarks, or during an evening cruise. The flashing lights on the bridge make it even more beautiful and spectacular to look at.

Hang Out at Galata Tower

When exploring the city of Istanbul at night, one of the best things that you can do includes hanging out at the iconic Galata Tower. This majestic stone tower is situated in one of the most iconic places in the city, where you can meet up and hang out with your near and dear ones, whilst also soaking in the tranquil ambience, and trying out the delicious Georgian cuisine in the restaurants here. From the tower, you can also witness views of some of the iconic landmarks of Istanbul, such as the Blue Mosque, Golden Horn, Bosphorus Strait and more.

Stroll at Grand Bazaar

One of the best Places to Go in Istanbul at Night is the amazing Grand Bazaar. It is the largest covered market in the region as well as the world, and exudes opulence and grandeur. It is in the lanes and alleys of this market, where you can see hundreds of shops, kiosks and stalls selling all sorts of goods, from scarves and carpets, to mosaic lamps as well as traditional Turkish spices and a lot more. The entire ambience here, especially at night, is full of vigour and excitement, with the lit-up shops making the scene even more beautiful to look at.

Maiden's Tower for Sunset

To be a part of a stunning visual treat of nature, you must visit the Maiden’s Tower during the sunsets. With the rays of the setting sun spreading in the sky and covering it in shades of pink, yellow and orange, the Maiden’s Tower becomes the best place to catch these scintillating vistas and capture them on your camera lens. You can also head to the Büfe Taner located in front of the Maiden’s Tower to catch unparalleled views of the sunset whilst enjoying a cup of warm Turkish tea.

Fethi Pasa Park & Grove

Amongst the most popular Places to visit in Istanbul at Night is the Fethi Pasa Park & Grove, located beside the Bosphorus and offering visitors a chance to witness the grandeur of the myriad of social, cultural as well as historical landmarks nearby. It is a public park, where you can come after sundown and simply unwind, whilst soaking in the pleasant ambience, and also enjoying snacks or refreshments in the nearby cafes or restaurants. You can also enjoy traditional Turkish music here in the evenings.

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Club 29

To enjoy the vibrant and happening nightlife of Istanbul, you must visit Club 29, which is one of the most popular nightclubs in the city. In addition to an intimate ambience, the club also has comfortable and posh seating arrangements, along with an extensive selection of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks. It is also here where you can catch sights of some of the most elite figures of Istanbul, in addition to famous businessmen, Hollywood stars and socialites.


If you are someone who likes to party a lot, dance to groovy tunes and simply enjoy the weekend clubbing scenes, then X-Large is the place for you. Complete with exotic dancers, a plethora of new and unique shows as well as clubbing scenes with international DJs playing the most popular tracks, X-Large is surely one of the best clubs in the city. It is here where you can enjoy partying till the wee hours of the morning, while also indulging in delicious cocktails and mocktails, along with finger foods and snacks.


Meyhane is one of the best Places to Go in Istanbul at Night. It is a traditional bar in the region, where you can spend some quality time with your friends or partner, whilst sipping on raki, wine or beer. The lanes of this Turkish bar are full of laughter and banter amongst the visitors, with the live folk music making the ambience even more easy-going and exciting. Some of the most famous Meyhane that you can visit in Istanbul include Sofyali 9, Karakoy Lokantasi, Feraye, and Demeti.

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Solera Winery

Evenings and wine go hand in hand, and when exploring Istanbul at night, heading to the popular Solera Winery is surely the best thing to do. If you are someone who enjoys a good wine, from sparkling white to mulled red wines and more, then you must enjoy a round or two of Degustation at the Solera Winery, while also trying out their delicious cheese platter, relaxing and unwinding for the day.


One of the most popular Places to visit in Istanbul at Night is Babylon. Said to be a notch above and different from the rest of the bars in the city of Istanbul, Babylon boasts of a happening Turkish music scene, along with internationally acclaimed DJs busting out tunes of Latin, electronic, world, reggae and jazz music at nights. It is here where you can enjoy a memorable musical evening, or even enjoy a local rock or indie-pop concert.

Nardis Jazz Club

For those who wish to enjoy a night out in Istanbul while also doing something classy, the Nardis Jazz Club is the place to be. This is a classy and modest jazz bar, where you can enjoy unique Nardis interpretations of Jazz music, in addition to witnessing ethnic, fusion, modern, mainstream as well as classic performances by different solo artists. There is a new international jazz and local gig here every night, which you can enjoy with cocktails and snacks.

Turkish Night

Amongst the most unique and exciting things to do in Istanbul at night, is to enjoy a traditional Turkish night, which includes local folk dance and music, as well as delicious 3-course dinner, thereby giving you a true and authentic Turkish experience. You can spend your evening with near and dear ones in the authentic Taksim style, with a glass of wine in your hand, and an Anatolian folk group performing belly dancing and other performances for you.

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Which are the best places to visit in Istanbul at Night?

Some of the best places to visit in Istanbul at night include Arnavutköy, the Blue Mosque, the Bosphorus Bridge, the Nardis Jazz Club, Istiklal Street, Ortaköy and more.

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Does Istanbul have good nightlife?

Yes, Istanbul definitely has a very good nightlife. In addition to having a myriad of night markets where you can enjoy local street food delicacies, Istanbul also has numerous pubs, nightclubs and other activities that you can enjoy here to experience its vibrant nightlife.

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What is the nightlife like in Turkey?

The nightlife of Turkey is one of its many highlighting features. The nightlife scene here is extremely vibrant and happening, with a wide array of pubs, bars, nightclubs as well as many shows and events attracting thousands of people on a daily basis. In addition to attending parties, or exploring the local food scene, you can also enjoy night cruises in Turkey.

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Where can I go at night in Istanbul?

When looking for Places to Go in Istanbul at Night, you can head over to a Turkish hammam, enjoy whirling dervishes, go for a night food tour, visit the blue Mosque and more.

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Which are the best clubs in Istanbul?

Some of the best clubs in Istanbul include Sortie, Club 29, X-Large, Anjelique, Meyhane, Ulus 29, Duble Meze Bar and Beat.

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Which experiences are best for nightlife in Istanbul?

The Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Turkish Night Show, the Night Food Tour, a pub crawl, and watching Whirling Dervishes are some of the best experiences to enjoy nightlife in Istanbul.


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