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Enjoy hassle-free entry and skip the queues by booking Hagia Sophia Tickets, the largest architectural marvel of Roman History. Experience peace at this Church of Holy Wisdom and offer your prayers in calm and composed surroundings. Learn about the history of the Ottoman empire and the rich culture of Istanbul at the Hagia Sophia. Soak in the architectural masterpieces that adorn the building including the pillars from one of the ancient wonders of the world, the temple of Artemis. This building’s beauty is owed to the efforts of the various rulers that strived to make this place what it is today, an architectural masterpiece.

To make the best of your Hagia Sophia Tickets, you can also book an audio guided tour of this place which will provide you with all the essential information regarding the culture and background of this place, its architecture, interior and the various relics that it houses.

About Hagia Sophia

Get mesmerized by the beauty of the Hagia Sophia Mosque, a blend of the Roman and Islamic intricacies of architectural flair. The Hagia Sophia is the biggest church ever built by the Roman empire, well-known for presenting the rich culture of Istanbul. History is seeped into every mosaic and art that the walls of this place adorns.

Book Hagia Sophia Tickets to visit this church turned mosque that symbolizes the history of 3 cities: Istanbul, Constantinople and Byzantium through its large dome, Christian frescoes and Islamic calligraphies displayed in the upper galleries.

Owing to its intricate details and grandeur, Hagia Sophia Istanbul is an architectural marvel which stands strong even after its destruction, multiple times. This place is well known as a symbol of peace and has saintly ambiences where one can offer prayers in a calm environment. Visit the Hagia Sophia Mosque to delve into history and culture of Istanbul

Interesting Facts about the Hagia Sophia

  • The Church of Hagia Sophia Istanbul was destroyed by riots twice, once in 404 CE and the second time in 532 CE.
  • After the church’s destruction in 532 CE due to the Nika Revolt, the first great Byzantine ruler Justinian ordered its reconstruction.
  • This was the first Roman church to have a giant round dome.
  • An earthquake in 558 CE caused the 160 feet high, original dome of Hagia Sophia to collapse and it was rebuilt to a height of 182 feet in 562 CE.
  • The interior of the church is built on columns from the destroyed Temple of Artemis, one of the seven ancient wonders of the World.
  • Hagia Sophia’s name means Church of Holy Wisdom and in Turkey, the landmark is called Ayasofya.
  • After the fall of Constantinople, the church was restored and converted into a mosque and a Islamic features such as mihrab (prayer niche), minbar(pulpit), and a fountain for ablutions were added to the Hagia Sophia.

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Exploring Hagia Sophia Mosque


Hagia Sophia Istanbul stands with all its might as a living masterpiece of the Byzantine architecture. This was the first Roman church to have a giant round dome and had been the largest cathedral for 1000 years. Hagia Sophia is adorned with beautiful structures including mihrab, minbar, rostrum, minarets, sultan’s office, shadirvans (fountain providing water for ritual ablutions), madrasah, library, and soup kitchen.

The interiors are bejeweled with Turkish arts and calligraphy. The upper galleries are connected by ramps,a traditional architectural feature of Constantinopolitan church planning.

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Dating back to 537, Hagia Sophia Mosque was once the most important church of the Byzantine Empire. It was built for Emperor Justinian, by two architects named Anthemius and Isidore. When the Ottomans conquered Constantinople in 1453, Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque and remained so until the 1900s.

Every Sultan that ruled here, strived to make Hagia Sophia even more beautiful by adding intricate details and grandeur to both the internal and external area of the mosque. In 1934, the mosque was converted into a museum and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. In 2020 Hagia Sophia was once again converted into a mosque and was finally open to the public for free.

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Know Before You Book Hagia Sophia Tickets

Plan A Visit

Best Time to Visit: The best time to book Hagia Sophia tickets is from December to February during the winters as the climate is cool and you can avoid long queues during these months.

Location: Sultan Ahmet, Ayasofya Meydanı No:1, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

· Timings: During summer, from 1 October to 15 April, the museum closes at 7:00 PM and the rest of the year it stays open till 7:00 PM. Hagia Sophia tickets cannot be availed on Mondays, the first day of Ramadan and on the Eid-al-Adha festival.

· How to Reach:

  • By Marmaris Metrobus: To reach Hagia Sophia with Marmary, deboard at Yenikapi Station.
  • By Bus: Take the IETT bus lines and get down at one of the Eminönü and Aksaray IETT stops and easily go to Hagia Sophia by tram.
  • By Ferry/ Tram : You can also take the metro, ferry or tram to the Hagia Sophia Mosque.

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There is no entry fee for entering Hagia Sophia Mosque.- Taking photos is allowed here but make sure you do not click pictures of the people offering their prayers.

  • Women should cover their heads while entering Hagia Sophia. Head scarves are available for free at the entrance.
  • Being one of the most-visited tourist sites in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia is usually crowded, thus it is advised to arrive before 10 AM if you wish to skip the crowd.
  • To make the most of your visit to the mosque, make sure to book a guided tour in advance but make sure to keep an eye out for the unofficial guides.

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Head over to the oldest and largest covered market of the world to shop from over 4,000 shops located in 62 lanes. You can find a plethora of things to shop here, from apparels to home décor, edibles and items of Turkish culture and cuisine. The name ‘Grand Bazaar’ is true to its name as it is spread over an area of 30,700 thousand square meters. This market has its roots in history as the first structure of the Bazaar, Cevahir Bedesten, was built to trade textiles and jewels by Sultan Mehmed II. This place is considered to be one of the first shopping malls in the world.

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Blue Mosque

Built between 1609 and 1616, the Blue Mosque is called Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish. It owes its name to the blue tiles surrounding the interior walls. Built during the rule of Ahmed I, this mosque houses a tomb of the founder, a madarsa and a hospice. The best way to visit this architectural marvel is to enter from the Hippodrome, the west side of the mosque.

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Topkapi Palace

If you are a history enthusiast and wish to explore the library with a collection of ancient books and manuscripts then head over to the Topkapi Palace. This place also exhibits imperial collections dating back to the Ottoman Empire.

From 1478 to 1856, this palace was the administrative center and residence of the Ottoman court. It was converted into a museum and opened for the public to visit in 1924. Topkapi Place is a reminiscence of the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire.

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Hagia Sophia Tickets FAQs

How long does it take to walk around Hagia Sophia?

It takes around one hour i.e., 60 minutes to cover the Hagia Sophia Istanbul. However it is advised that the visitors a lot 90 minutes to explore this place completely as there might be queues due to the popularity of the mosque

When is the best time to visit Hagia Sophia?

Owing to the cool climate, the best time to book Hagia Sophia tickets is from December to February during the winters. The best days of week to visit this place are Wednesday and Thursday

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How to get to Hagia Sophia?

Since Hagia Sophia is located in the heart of the city of Istanbul, there are multiple ways to reach the location. You can go to Hagia Sophia by metro, ferry, tram, Marmaray metrobus and bus.

  •   **By Marmaray**: Deboard at Yenikapi Station, to reach Hagia Sophia 
  •   **By Bus**: Deboard at one of the Eminönü and Aksaray IETT stops on the             IETT bus lines and easily reach Hagia Sophia by tram
  •   **By Car**: Take the route via Divan Yolu Cd, it will take you approximately            6 minutes to reach the museum.
  •   **By Walk**: Take the route via Atmeydanı Cd. and Kabasakal Cd., you will             reach the destination in approximately 5 minutes

When should I visit?

Make sure to reach the mosque at least 1.5 hours before the closing time to make the most of your visit. The best time to visit is in the evening, especially from November-March, June-July as it is off-season.

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Is it expensive?

Entry to the Hagia Sophia Mosque is free of cost. The guided tours of Hagia Sophia tickets and other attractions start from prices as less as ₺ 284.01

Dress code for Hagia Sophia?

Visitors are required to wear appropriate clothes such as long pants, long-sleeved shirt or scarf to cover shoulders, and closed shoes. Women should cover their heads while entering Hagia Sophia. Head scarves are available for free at the entrance

What’s inside the Hagia Sophia Museum?

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is laden with exceptional Byzantine architecture. You can find the interiors lined with glorious mosaics, relics from the Ottoman rule and sculptures from the building’s Christian and Muslim eras

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Should I take a guided tour?

You can hire a local guide if you wish to uncover the history that this place holds. You can also purchase audio guided Hagia Sophia tickets available in 12 languages including Turkish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Persian, Greek, Russian, and Korean.


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