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Avail the Legoland Discovery Center Tickets, and get a chance to explore the best place and amusement parks for gamers and children in the region. With your Legoland Discovery Center Tickets, you will be able to spend a day at this world-famous theme park, and discover the major attractions of the city in their miniature forms. Boasting of a wide array of attractions inside, including the Miniland, the Kingdom Quest, Merlin’s Apprentice Ride and more, there are a myriad of things that you can marvel at and do Inside Legoland Discovery Center.

Your visit to Legoland Discovery Center in Istanbul will become even better as you watch an exciting movie, complete with world-class special effects of rain, wind and snow at the 4D Cinema here. Alternatively, you can spend some much-needed quality time with your little ones as you arrange the DUPLO bricks and make unique structures inside the park.

Attractions Inside Legoland Discovery Center


One of the best attractions that you can see with your Legoland Discovery Center Tickets is the Miniland. Built from more than 1.5 million bricks, the Miniland is an interactive mini city, complete with airplanes, towers, as well as iconic attractions of Istanbul, such as the Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and even the Bosphorus Bridge. It is here where you can get the feeling of being a giant, as you marvel at the brick-made tiny replicas.

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4D Cinema

Amongst the top attractions Inside Legoland Discovery Center is the 4D Cinema, where you can enjoy watching a short 3D film, while also experiencing special effects like rain, wind, water and even snow, all at a single place. Some of the movies that you can choose to watch here range from Emmet, Wyldstyle, Benny, MetalBeard, Knighton with Merlok 2.0, NEXO KNIGHTS and more.

Kingdom Quest

A popular attraction in the Legoland Discovery Center is the Kingdom Quest, which also doubles up as an activity in this amusement park. In Kingdom Quest, your mission is to rescue the captured Princess on your chariot. And you have to do all this while fighting beastly trolls and skeletons lurking in the dark.

Creative Workshop

You can also use your Legoland Discovery Center Tickets to explore the Creative Workshop here, where you can learn insider tips and tricks to play with LEGO and build new and unique structures with them. Perfect for visitors of all ages, you can make beautiful buildings, animals and even other models with LEGO bricks, all while getting taught by the best people in this business.

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The LEGO DUPLO Farm is a popular attraction Inside Legoland Discovery Center, where your little ones can indulge in an interactive and fun-filled playtime. From exploring the farmer’s house and climbing their attic, to sliding down, taking photographs with the farmyard cow, and even building models with DUPLO bricks, they can do it all at the LEGO DUPLO Farm.

LEGO® Factory Tour

When exploring the attractions Inside Legoland Discovery Center, don’t forget to indulge in a LEGO Factory Tour. The tour starts with professor Brick-a-Brack, who guides you throughout the LEGO Factory, while also asking for your help to arrange plastic bricks into different rows and transform them into finished bricks. You can also see how the LEGO bricks are typically made during the factory tour.

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Merlin’s Apprentice Ride

Don’t forget to get on the Merlin’s Apprentice ride and reach the skies when you visit the Legoland Discovery Center in Istanbul. Your aim will be to become Merlin’s top wizarding apprentice, which you can do by reaching the sky as you pedal around to get higher and higher and admire the rest of the park from high up above.

LEGO® Racers: Build & Test

Those who wish to make their very own LEGO creations must visit the Build and Test zone in the Legoland Discovery Center park and get a chance to build their own vehicles, after which they can also test their vehicle speed on the timed ramps in the park.

Plan Your Visit Legoland Discovery Center

Opening Hours & Location
How to reach

Opening Hours: The Legoland Discovery Center

Timings are between 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. This themed amusement park closes at 06:00 p.m. every day.

Location: Legoland Discovery Center is located at: Kocatepe, Photo of, Forum Istanbul, No: 3, Paşa Cd, 34045 İstanbul, Turkey

By CarTo get to Legoland Discovery Center by car, you can take the E5 highway, and then the Hal-Otogar exit. Then, you can follow the Kuru Gıda Hali- Otogar route to get to the park. Alternatively, you can also take the TEM Highway to the Otogar exit, and then follow the Karteltepe- Yıldırım- Kocatepe all the way to the park.

By Bus You can also avail a bus ride to reach Legoland Discovery Center. You can simply avail a ride of the IETT bus numbers 32, with the route from Cevatpaşa to Eminönü, 32A which has a route from Cevatpaşa to Beyazıt and 32T, from Cevatpaşa to Taksim.

By MetroYou can also get to the Legoland Discovery Center by metro, by availing the train that runs on the Ataturk Airport- Yenikapı line, and get off at the Forum Istanbul station. If you are coming from the Anatolian side, you can take the metrobus to the Merter station and take the metro to the Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport line.

  • Every child who is 14 years of age or below, must be accompanied by an adult, preferably a parent or legal guardian to gain entry to Legoland Discovery Center

  • While the park remains open every day, you must still do your prior research and check if it is open on the day of your visit, especially if an event or holiday is going on

  • Adults who visit the Legoland Discovery Center without children will not be allowed entry to the park

  • Any outside food, except food for babies or children with allergies, is not allowed inside the park

  • Family restroom

  • Fully equipped changing facilities for babies

  • Elevator access for guests on wheelchairs or with strollers

  • Onsite café for snacks, drinks and other refreshments


How do I get to Legoland from Istanbul?

You can get to Legoland from Istanbul by several public transportation modes, including a car ride, a bus ride, or even by availing the metro.

How long is a visit to Legoland Discovery Center?

It will typically take you around 2 to 3 hours at the Legoland Discovery Center.

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Is visiting the LEGOLAND discovery centre worth visiting?

Yes, Legoland Discovery Center is definitely worth visiting. It is considered to be the best place in Istanbul for gamers, and children who like to enjoy different activities. Additionally, it also offers a wide range of activities and experiences to people of all ages.

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When is the Legoland discovery center open?

Legoland Discovery Center is open from 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. on all days of the week.

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Do we need to book in advance for Legoland Discovery Center tickets?

Yes, you need to book your Legoland Discovery Center Tickets in advance, especially if you wish to save on time, energy as well as the money spent here. Online tickets will also allow you the chance to gain quicker, skip the line access to the park.


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