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Bosphorus cruise tours Istanbul offers a magnificent view that connects the continents of Asia and Europe. While sipping a glass of wine one could find the answer to the question: What is Bosphorus Istanbul? With a length of 32 km, it’s a bridge connecting the Asian and European Continents. This place has had significant importance in the geopolitical and economic context for centuries, as it’s the largest and the only sea route that connects coastal countries to the high seas. The Bosphorus serves its guests popular places to have fun (enjoy the belly dance and see historical monuments) and lets them taste the Turkish cuisine and know the Turkish culture.

A well-known Bosphorus Strait around the world offers many different activities, and a highly preferred attraction of Bosphorus cruise tours Istanbul is its boat tour. The small group boat tours are available at affordable prices to see the unique spots of Bosphorus. The yacht charter and private boats are also accessible and serve many advantages too. One can enjoy flexible timings to eat, drink, entertain, and create unforgettable memories. The attractions visited via the boat tour include Dolmabahce Palace, Ortakoy Mosque, Rumeli Fortress, Bosphorus bridge, Maiden’s Tower, and many more. However, the professional guide is ready to guide you about everything!

Bosphorus Cruise Ticket Options

Sightseeing Cruise

Bosphorus offers several sightseeing options to learn about Istanbul through diversified transportation mediums such as boats, buses, and foot. Half and full-day Bosphorus cruise tickets are available to see each attraction. During the Istanbul city tour by bus and boat one can be free to wander between decks to capture the fascinating attractions accessible at pocket-friendly prices . Although the timings, activities, and places vary for different tour packages, some of the preferred and recommended ticket options are mentioned above.

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Lunch/Dinner Cruise

The lunch/Dinner cruise offers traditional Turkish meals (2-course and 3-course), delicious drinks, and snacks while viewing the inspiring landscapes. To discover the most popular sites, a dinner cruise with the Turkish shows and lunch on the luxury boat with swimming option is also available. Moreover, the drinks are served as complementary and vegetarian options are also available, which can be booked in advance. Visitors praised the multiple ticket options as they can pick their destination, comfort zone, and daunting task. All the while, the guests can get the Sunset experience and can see iconic waterfront landmarks. Therefore, one should figure out everything like what suits their budget and time duration and can pick the ticket option.

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People often choose the Yacht option to celebrate special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, post-wedding vacations, family reunions, and many more. Bosphorus cruise Istanbul offers a happy and unforgettable time to spend with loved ones. Motor Yacht provides a unique experience to enjoy the Istanbul culture, attractions, cuisines, and fun activities. The guests are fully insured and can enjoy pocket-friendly private tours to diversify destinations such as the Short Bosphorus cruise (2 hours), Full Bosphorus cruise( 4-6 hours), Bosphorus Sunset cruise, and Bosphorus Dinner cruise. During the journey, one enjoys seeing 4 palaces, 2 bridges, 2 fortresses, 50+ yalis, 1 royal hill, 2 Islands, and 2 seas.

Which Bosphorus Cruise Should You Choose?

To explore different monuments

A sightseeing cruise allows one to understand the Turkish’s past, present, and future. With audio or guides, visitors could be familiar with Turkey and the Bygone era that shaped it. Some sightseeing offers a chance to explore different monuments. The perfect picture of Istanbul is shared via a sightseeing cruise. Monuments offers visitors a significantly pleasant network of quaint lanes and side streets, majestic panormas, and many other joyful alternatives.

To enjoy traditional Turkish food.

Families, couples, friends, or colleagues who love to explore the Turkish meals and drinks in Bosphorus Strait should pick the Bosphorus cruise tickets with the ideal lunch/dinner. While taking in the fascinating landscape views, the place offers 2-course and 3-course meals. However, some dinner cruises put live entertainment on the table in shows/DJs form for patrons. The sights which can be seen include the Kiz Kulesi tower, blue Mosque, and Dolmabahce Palace. One can also witness the Sunset at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. This is the right Bosphorus cruise ticket pick for one willing to explore historical landmarks and Turkish food.

To enjoy a relaxing cruise.

Visualising the Bosphorus Sunset through Yacht is the right pick to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The best bet is to admire the sky when it gets covered with rainbow colours. One can be free from worrying about the fates of life over the emerald waters. A professional guide assists their guests in making them familiar with each passing monument and landmark.

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Sights Covered in Bosphorus Cruise Tickets

Hagia Sophia

World heritage Hagia Sophia museum is famous for its rich and historical architecture. For 900 years, Hagia Sophia was the center of orthodox Christianity, and later, it became the grand mosque for sultans (a jewel for the Muslim world). In 1935 it was converted into a museum by the orders of Ataturk. In 1985, the museum was chosen as a world heritage by UNESCO.

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Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern covers the most enormous 9 thousand 8 hundred square metres of area, thus known as the giant cistern in Istanbul. The site holds 336 marble pillars and is named Hen’s Eye column and the Medusa bases columns. It’s also the oldest cistern, built in the 6th century during the Byzantine era.

Topkapi Palace

Bosphorus Istanbul cruise museum exhibits the collection of the Ottoman Empire and includes a collection of books and manuscripts in the library. The attraction also reveals the architecture, culture, and history of the Ottoman Empire.

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Blue Mosque

The historical Mosque in Istanbul (Blue Mosque) is covered with blue tiles; besides being used as a Mosque, it has also become a tourist attraction. The visitors can get the best view of the architecture from the Hippodrome. The West side of the Mosque is the direction for all (non-Muslims too) for the entrance.

Dolmabahce Palace

Lavish decorated Dolmabahce Palace is the Turkish largest mono-block palace. The first European-style palace was built in Istanbul, which is excessive in size and filled with gold and crystal. Although the construction took 13 years to finish, the design combines Baroque, Neoclassical Rococo, and traditional Ottoman art and culture.

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Bosphorus Bridge

The bridge offers visitors to cross between the two continents, and it’s 1.5 km wide and 165 km high with an underneath clearance of 64 metres. However, the ships quickly pass below the bridge, and an estimated 1,80,000 vehicles pass the bridge daily.

Bosphorus Cruise Tips

  • Bosphorus cruise tickets are available online and are recommended to book in advance.
  • Advisory bodies ask to carry the small bag loaded with essential items.
  • Attending a sightseeing cruise demands comfortable shoes to enjoy the journey with no pain.
  • Different cruises' timing varies with their locations, so the correct prior information is necessary.
  • Bosphorus cruise Istanbul provides a professional guide who can assist in knowing more about a place, and visitors can decide where to visit or not.
  • Hop on Hop off Bosphorus cruise is recommended to book if one wants to explore the city at their own pace.

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Bosphorus Cruise Tickets FAQs

What's the best time to book Bosphorus cruise tickets?

Sunset time is the best time to book the tickets. However, it’s noticed that the famous Bosphorus is filled with people. Hence tickets should be booked in advance to enjoy preferred cruises. And, your tickets are valid for the day and time you have chosen, so book carefully.

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How long is the Sunset Cruise?

The Bosphorus Sunset cruise takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Period 1: From November to February - Sunset Cruise starts at 16:00 (and finishes at 18.30)

Period 2: From March to April and September to October - Sunset Cruise starts at 17.00 (finishes at 19:30)

Period 3: From May to August - Sunset Cruise starts at 18:30 (and finishes at 21.00)

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Why should I choose the Bosphorus Sunset Cruise Tickets?

If one wants to be relaxed and enjoy nature, especially the vibrant colours of the sky, then choosing the Bosphorus Sunset Cruise Tickets is highly recommendable.

Should we buy the Bosphorus Cruise tickets in advance?

Reservations are highly recommended as tickets are not readily available during vacations, weekends, and occasions.

Are Bosphorus Cruise tickets required for children?

For children above the age of 7 years, Bosphorus cruise tickets are required. And, for children below 7 years, ferry tickets are free.

What is the Bosphorus?

A bridge that interconnects the two continents with each other is Bosphorus. It’s 30 km long and covers the geopolitical and economic context for centuries. Moreover, it’s the largest and the only sea route that connects coastal countries to the high seas.

What are the different types of Bosphorus Cruises?

The different Bosphorus Cruises tickets are Sightseeing cruises, Lunch/Dinner Cruise, Yacht tours, Ferry, and Istanbul welcome cards.

What are the best Istanbul day tours?

Here are some of the most popular Istanbul day tours:- Dolmabahce Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, and Camlica Hill Tour- Istanbul Big Bus Hop on Hop off Tour- Istanbul Day Tour to Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Cruise- Turkish Food Tour Experience in Istanbul- Troy Day Trip from Istanbul


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